The first question I always like to ask progressives when I’m traveling around Tennessee is, “Why so blue, Blue?”

Is it because you feel as if you’re fighting an uphill battle against that right-wing crazy everyday? Is it because you wonder how people can lie like they do and get away with it? Is it because when you tell your friends and neighbors you’re a Democrat/progressive/liberal they begin to back away slowly? Is it those two little words, “10th Amendment,” that some elected officials seem to be rallying around as if it were 1790 instead of 2010?

Yes, yes and yes, they say. Well, I counter, “What Would Rachel Do (WWRD)?”

She would tell you to first stop believing the lies you are being told.

You, she would say, are not in the Minority. Your values, she would say, are the values that matter to most Tennesseans. Your priorities, she would say, are the priorities that will make Tennessee a better place.

Progressive values & priorities, she would repeat, are the values & priorities of the people of Tennessee.

Seriously. Who in Tennessee doesn’t want broad prosperity, a better future for all, an effective government, and mutual personal responsibility?

If you need more proof, look no further than the Gallup poll last August that showed that Tennessee Democrats have an 8% advantage among registered voters (47% vs. 39%). And there’s no telling how many unregistered Democrats/progressives or “leaning Republicans” there are waiting to be awakened to the truth about progressive values and priorities.

Another indication that Democratic and progressive candidates would be on the winning path if they ignored the social issues used to divide us (and that in reality only appeal to about 20-25% of the electorate) and instead concentrated on what unites all Tennesseans – jobs, education, etc.. – is the latest MTSU poll which states unequivocally that the number one concern of Tennesseans is the economy.

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Up next, We’re Right, They’re Wrong Lesson 2: Frame Club.

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