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A new decade can bring with it many changes as people take stock, revaluate, and re-focus. We have not been left out of this phenomenon, and as we move into the summer of 2010, after long and deliberative thinking and discussions, we have decided to end Liberadio(!) with Mary Mancini and Freddie O’Connell.

As of Monday, June 7, Mary will be the new Executive Director of Tennessee Citizen Action, a public interest advocacy organization, and Freddie’s new inbound marketing agency, SearchViz, is growing at the same time as some of his other civic interests and responsibilities. We both feel that now is the time to focus all our energy and productivity towards these endeavors.

Before we go, however, we have a few final words. Most of which are “thank you!”

For the last 6 years you, our faithful listeners, have turned your dial to WRVU-FM on Monday mornings or pointed your browser to liberadio.com to allow us do our best to entertain and inform you. You’ve listened, called in, shared your thoughts and ideas, and heeded many calls to action. You are the embodiment of a deliberative and participatory democracy and for that, we can’t thank you enough.

We’d also like to wholeheartedly thank each one of our many talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated guests who took the time to share their expertise and passions with us. It’s not easy getting up at the crack of dawn and yet week after week our guests (especially the ones in time zones West of us) did just that. You are the spark that lights the fire beneath a participatory democracy, and for this we thank you.

A special guest acknowledgement goes out to Liberadio(!) team members, Elbert Ventura and Karl Frisch, purveyors of our weekly Media Matters for America Smackdown. Thank you for bringing your on-point media criticismand the funny!to the show week after week.

Behind the scenes, we also had tons of help. First and foremost, thank you to Teddy Bart and Karlen Evins, who reawakened Mary’s love for radio and taught us, by example, that words really do matter. And to Jim Ridley, an early and tireless Liberadio(!) cheerleader and Mary’s own personal guardian angel.

And because a show like ours can’t produce itself, big ups to Andy Finley, who shared his audio recording, editing, and podcasting expertise with us in the early days to make our recordings sound really, really good. Also, we’ve had two interns who became full-fledged producers over the years, and both were rock stars. A big “thank you” to Krystal Long and Nat Howry, who volunteered their time and skills to help us produce the show and the podcast each week. Again with the getting up early on cold, wintry mornings. Not easy but you guys were good at it and ever-hopeful that your humble hosts would actually make it to the studio with the equipment before you did!

To all our advertisers, but especially Barbara Moutenot with Village Real Estate, Bill Fletcher and FRR Media, Darek Bell, Pam Kidd & Keri Kidd Cannon, and the Bongo Java Roasting Company. You chipped in when the chips were down, and we thank you!

And though we give a nod to WRFN (Radio Free Nashville), WAMB-AM, and WNSG-AM, other stations that provided us a temporary home through the years, we have to say a huge thank you to our permanent residence: WRVU-FM. We met so many great radio neighbors—like occasional guest hosts Ashley Crownover and Lonnie Atkinson (who became much more than a fan and neighbor), Father Parthenios, and Angela Lin (may she rest in peace). We’d also like to thank the Vanderbilt Student Communications staff (especially Jim Hayes and Chris Carroll) and Board of Directors (especially Bruce Barry, Vanessa Beasley, and Kevin Leander), as well as all the members of the WRVU senior staff we’ve seen come and go through the years, all of whom have been have been more than accommodating to Liberadio(!). And a special shout out to Carl Pedersen of WPLN and long-time WRVU DJ John Brassil, neither of whom ever said “no” to one or another of our special requests for guidance or help. Thank you!

Also, to Sitemason, Nashville’s premier content management system and shared web hosting company (and our friends), who graciously provided us with gratis website and podcast hosting for 6 years without fail and without complaint, thank you!

Finally, to our dear family and friends, you can now all stop fighting over who is our “biggest fan.” With all the support and encouragement you have given us since we started the show, you absolutely must share the title. And for that, we thank you.

Once more with feeling, THANK YOU all so much!

And who knows. We might find that after a long summer on beaches all around the world (Wait. What? – Ed.) that we just can’t tear ourselves away from the microphones forever…

Our love, and till some sunny day,

Mary Mancini and Freddie O’Connell

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21 Responses to “We’ll Meet Again…”

  1. DonnaC says:

    The irony of the Gore picture is the perfect sunset on your radio program.

  2. scoco says:

    I’m dealing with some major disappointment here. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. Best wishes in your future endeavors. Brings to mind the George Jones song “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?”.

  3. Andrew Kelley says:

    Mary and Freddie…I wish you all the best.
    I dont know what to do for my Monday mornings. Without you whats left?
    You know Rev.T.J.Graham called himself a liberal today on the radio and I almost puked and I thought well atleast I have liberal Radio then my sister called me and said “No more liberal radio, no more Mary and Freddie!”
    I then looked outside to see if that meteor from space was coming to crash down into Earth.
    Im sad….

  4. GriffGray says:

    Thanks to you two for adding so much to the media scene. And, yeah, what ACK said.

  5. Linda C. says:

    Oh no! This makes me sad. But, also happy that you have been on the air and that you will both continue to do great things for Nashville. You two are terrific. Good luck and best wishes and I hope to see you around town. Cheers. Linda

  6. DiAnne says:

    And another one bites the dust….I’ll miss you, Mondays will have a big hole in them.

  7. [...] afternoon link dump. Go and read these wonderful writers who really spice things up in Tennessee. Before I get to the linkage, I want to thank Mary Mancini and Freddie O’Connell of Liberadio w… They have been two very strong and necessary voices in the Tennessee progressive blogosphere and [...]

  8. Kleinheider says:

    As Bill O’Reilly would say, “F**KING THING SUCKS!!”

  9. Mary Mancini says:

    Cheers, TehLissa!

  10. Mary Mancini says:

    Thank you, Erik, for the kind words.

  11. Mary Mancini says:

    Isn’t there a law against that, Steve? The last thing this state needs is you in the hoosegow!

  12. TehLissa says:

    I feel the need to sing “Happy Trails to You.” Now what am I going to do on Monday mornings? *long sigh* I need a comfort beverage now. Good luck in all you do and have fun! :-)

  13. Mary Mancini says:

    Thank you, Kate and Aunt B. And I hope those are happy tears, Mr. Pink. This is going to be a good thing.

  14. Erik says:

    This world just got a bit darker.

    Thank you, Freddie and Mary, for a wonderful change to the usual crap we see in the every day media. This show was awesome. You both are awesome. I hope you find as much joy in your new projects as you did in this.

  15. I feel like I should fly the state flag upside down.

  16. Mary Mancini says:

    Thank you, Polerin, for keeping the conversation going. Looking forward to meeting up on the you-know-what trail.

  17. polerin says:

    Oh my.

    I …

    I don’t know what to say. Thank you for all the memories, thank you for the mornings away from the constant reverberating noise of the right. Thank you for being fucking awesome over these past 6 years, and helping me find my faith in people again.

    So so so so so sad to see you go, but thank you SO much for staying as long as you did.

  18. Kate O'Neill says:

    What a bummer. The show will be missed.

  19. mr. pink says:


  20. Aunt B. says:

    Aw, damn it. What terrible news. But best of luck to both of you in your new endeavors.

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