Amazing Stories CoverThe definition of “pure fiction” can be found on the pages of the Nashville Scene’s Pith in the Wind (PITH) blog where yesterday yet another story was posted about the commitment some people, myself included, have made to building a better future for all Tennesseans.

Here’s what we are doing: We are working hard to lay the groundwork for a broad-based permanent collaboration between progressive issue organizations, think tanks, advocacy groups, faith organizations, labor unions, social clubs, business and trade associations, loose coalitions of like-minded citizens, bloggers, and any others want to work towards building a better future for all Tennesseans.

The work we are doing is non-partisan and exists completely outside the Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) – but not because, as made up speculated in PITH, we have “turned against” or have become “disillusioned” with Chip Forrester (current Chairman of the TNDP).

Pure fiction.

All Tennessee Democrats, including everyone at the TNDP headquarters, are working long hours and each are doing the work of at least three people. I have so much respect for them.

The difference between what we are trying to do and what the TNDP does is partisanship – plain and simple. Their work is partisan – ours is not.

Nor are we doing what we’re doing because we are “thoroughly convinced that Tennessee is filled with throngs of Rachel-Maddow-loving lefties.”

More fiction.

Our work is not about left or right – it’s about leading with the issues that unite us – not what divides us – and there are so many that do. Doesn’t someone who is socially conservative want clean drinking water for their children? And doesn’t someone who is socially liberal want the much-needed repairs to local infrastructure that will not only allow for commerce to continue uninterrupted in their community but bring jobs to that community as well? And doesn’t everyone want a good job with a fair wage that will enable them to take care of their family? Doesn’t everyone want to be able to afford to send their kid to college?

What we are doing is far removed from the culture wars exaggerated and manipulated by partisan politics – including Pith’s stable of smug anonymous insiders – which is probably why they feel the need to drag it through the mud.

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7 Responses to “I See Your Moonbean and Raise You to Reality”

  1. Mary Mancini says:

    It’s hilarious that you want to give me lessons on “the truth” while hiding behind an anonymous identity. I will be chuckling about that to myself all night.

    And how can I “know you know” anything when I don’t even know who you are? I’m guessing you don’t know much of anything at all but instead have a hidden agenda and some sort of personal vendetta against me – hence all the cowardice and hiding.

  2. Liberadio$ says:

    You only wish I had zero credibility, Mary. That’s why you try to run from what I say. Haven’t you learned that you can’t hide from the truth?

    How many of the groups listed in your email are upset with you because they are non-partisan organizations that were embarrassed by your actions? Tell the truth, Mary, because you know that I know.

    Are you ready to publicly admit that you’ve lost faith in Chip?

    If Won, Jennifer, and you aren’t trying to undercut Chip, why did you fail to mention anything about your group to him? Hard to believe it was a simple oversight.

  3. Mary Mancini says:

    So you still insist on hiding behind a pseudonym to spread your infantile bile. And you still insist on having zero credibility. Again, until you reveal who you are, we have to assume that everything you write is tainted by a warped personal vendetta and the desire to further your agenda.

  4. Liberadio$ says:

    Awwww, is Mary gonna cry? No one told me she’s above criticism.

    My identity? I’m your conscience, Mary, and I’m barkin’ at ya.

    Isn’t it a little cowardly to jump ship on Chip after you’ve helped destroy the party?

    Or has Pat Marsh cloned you so that both groups can have a Mary? Hey! You might be able to get two checks that way.

  5. Mary Mancini says:

    What I know is that you have zero credibility. Until you reveal who you are, we have to assume that everything you write is tainted by a personal vendetta and the desire to further your agenda, whatever it is.

    I, for one, would love to know the motivation behind your baseless and cowardly attacks.

    Reveal yourself. Or are you not brave enough to stand behind your own words?

  6. Liberadio$ says:

    You don’t speak for Won, do you, Mary? Because Won is telling everyone he talks to that he is finished with Chip, Chip doesn’t get it. That’s what Won says, Mary, doesn’t he?

    Chip is too oblivious. He lives in a world inhabited only by Chip. You know it, Mary.

    This “non-partisan” claim is too transparent for anyone to believe, Mary. How do you propose to be “non-partisan” in an election? Don’t take us for fools, please.

    Do you plan to do more mail about human cloning? That’s what Tennesseans really want to know.

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