The bill to delay the Tennessee Voter Confidence Act passes (mostly along party lines) in the Senate, 22-10. It now goes to the Governor for his signature. Here’s the roll call:

TVCA Roll Call

All Republican Senators, except Sen. Tim Burchett (R-Knoxville), voted to delay implementation of the TVCA along with three four Democratic Senators, Sens. Charlotte Burks (D-Monterey)Thelma Harper (D-Nashville), Doug Jackson (D-Dickson), and Reginald Tate (D-Memphis).

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14 Responses to “Bill to Delay Tennessee Voter Confidence Act Passes”

  1. [...] Republican led attempts in this legislature done enough to make us question their commitment to the sanctity of our elections without writing into law [...]

  2. Mary Mancini says:

    Thank you so much, Joyce. Excellent suggestions. We have to move forward.

    Blayne, In light of info that came out the day after the vote from the Election Assistance Commission that yet another optical scan machine is available for purchase and use, I hope the Governor does take a look at the new bill since the main argument against implementing it was that there were no machines available for us to purchase.

    The press release is here:

    You can write the Governor at

  3. DonnaC says:

    Hanging chad was a metaphor. I can see how that went over your head.

  4. Blayne says:

    I would like to thank Bernie for leading the fight for our voting rights. I attended a presentation he did at APSU years ago and have been following the situation ever since.

    I am proud to say my Senator, Senator Barnes, has been supportive of Bernie’s causes since being elected last year. Herron admirable stood up to the lies of Ketron and will recieve a donation from me for his efforts. Likewise, we should show Kyle our support vis donations as well.

    Will Bredeson veto this? Ihavent heard any discussion of that.

  5. Joyce McCloy says:

    TN voting activists should be prepared to monitor 2010 elections closely.

    Do audits of the elections including the poll tapes.

    Do studies of the undervotes – learn from what Lib SOS candidate in Georgia did – he found persistent statewide undercounts in single contest elections on the paperless voting machines.

    Record and report every voting machine malfunction, broken equipment, trouble reports.

    Encourage voters to report problems to the media, and to activist groups.

    Additionally, secure the HAVA funds to ensure they are not spent on more unverifiable unreliable non transparent technology.

    When the messups occur in 2010 it will help shame those who prevented the implementation of the paper ballot law. That law was intended to protect each and every vote, but you will not have that now.

    The lawmakers who went along with delaying this law could very well be embarrassed after the next voting machine meltdowns.

    Its never a good decision to risk votes on paperless voting machines. We learned that lesson the hard way in North Carolina when 4,400 votes were permanently lost on a single machine, leaving the outcome of a statewide contest in question.

  6. Bernie Ellis says:

    Re: Anonymous “How is this a Republican issue if the bill to delay had bi-partisan support?”

    The vote to prevent delaying (and destroying) democracy in Tennessee was also bipartisan yesterday. Once again, Senator Tim Burchett (R-Knoxville) voted to keep the Voter Confidence Act intact and on-track for 2010, the same position he has held consistently since 2008, unlike the other democracy-hating flip-floppers in his party.

    Senator Burchett continues to be the exception that proves the rule — that rule being that most Tennessee Republican legislators want to keep tamper-prone and unverifiable voting machines in place in Tennessee for as long as possible. Once they “win” the 2010 elections in a statewide sweep that will once again befuddle and confound political scientists nationwide (just as their winning the legislature in 2008 for the first time since Reconstruction by taking every open seat was also befuddling and confounding), they will insure that we never have trustworthy elections in Tennessee.

    It is clear that Senator Burchett marches to a different tune than the rest of his Republican Senate colleagues. From here, Burchett’s tune sounds like “the Star-Spangled Banner” to me. He should continue to enjoy the respect of all Tennessee voters, regardless of party.

    PS: Anonymous, did your parents not give you a name, have you forgotten it or can you and other Republican flying monkeys only appear in public to defend the indefensible wearing a disguise? Inquiring (and non-anonymous) minds want to know.

  7. WhitesCreek says:

    Voting against fair and secure elections is indefensible. Apparently my own Senator, Ken Yager, did not believe he could win another election on honest voting machines.

    Thanks, Mary, for fighting the good fight and doing what the rest of Tennessee’s media are unwilling to do. We are let down, not just by our corrupt legislators, but even more so by our news media who refuse to shine the light of day on these cockroaches. Liberadio is a high beam headlight in a dark time for Tennessee.

  8. Joyce McCloy says:

    What bothers me is that Tennessee has all of that HAVA money.
    What will it be spent on if not paper ballot voting systems?
    There’s more than enough to buy machines, do acceptance testing, pay for programming and ballot printing for the entire state and have some money left over.

    The citizens should ask that the HAVA money be frozen to prevent it from being used for purposes besides the TVCA, and also should ask for a full accounting of the funds.

    This never should have been a partisan issue, in my state of NC it wasn’t, although yes we had election officials who didn’t want to give up paperless unverifiable elections because they liked the machines.

    So ask about all of those HAVA millions, ask where the money is, who is safeguarding it, and what will happen to it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How is this a Republican issue if the bill to delay had bi-partisan support?

  10. Mary Mancini says:

    No, Donna, so says the TVCA. The optical scan machines count paper ballots that have been marked with a pen. Remember those standardized tests you use to take where you filled in an oval? That’s what we’re talking about here. No hanging chads on those…

  11. DonnaC says:

    “would have given you the fair and accurate elections you deserve with not a hanging chad in sight.”

    Yeah, so you say.

  12. Mary Mancini says:

    Donna, Hanging chads are so 2000. Read about the TVCA and you will understand that the bill that Tennessee Republicans so cavalierly tossed on the garbage heap would have given you the fair and accurate elections you deserve with not a hanging chad in sight.

  13. DonnaC says:

    Good, no hanging chads.

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