What should be a huge nationwide news story is finally hitting a few other of the, er, mainstream papers: Barack Obama was robbed in New York.

Barack Obama’s primary-night results were strikingly underrecorded in several districts around the city – in some cases leaving him with zero votes when, in fact, he had pulled in hundreds, the Board of Elections said yesterday.

Unofficial primary results gave Obama no votes in nearly 80 districts, including Harlem’s 94th and other historically black areas – but many of those initial tallies proved to be wildly off the mark, the board said….

Initial results in the 94th, for example, showed a 141-0 sweep for Hillary Clinton, but the recount changed the tally to 261-136.

Even Obama’s future running mate is getting into the act:

Mayor Bloomberg charged yesterday that “fraud” was behind the unofficial results in the New York Democratic presidential primary that produced zero votes for Barack Obama in some districts.

“If you want to call it significant undercounting, I guess that’s a euphemism for fraud,” said the mayor.

Oh my stars, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg used the “F” word! The mayor needs to have a long talk with his buddy to make sure that if he does get the nomination he has eyes and ears in every state fighting for the integrity of the November election. If there was fraud in 2000, 2004, 2006 and even the 2008 primary, we’re kidding ourselves if we don’t think there’s going to be fraud in November’s general election.

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2 Responses to “If Barack Gets the Nomination, He Must be Vigilant About Election Integrity”

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  2. El Dano says:

    I realize that you italicized mainstream in the title, but is the NY Post really the only link you can point to in terms of papers? I couldn’t bring myself to click through to get the details on how votes could be filtered.

    And I think that the only reason they published this story is to make Hillary’s camp look bad.

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